Scrum Master Corey, and the development team.

Work Experience Program – Day 1

Today marks the first day of the Dandelion work experience program!

The project work is going to be run under Scrum; an agile software development framework with a focus on agility, flexibility, and fast delivery of value.

This week the work experience candidates will be learning about the Dandelion Program and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, learning the Python programming language, familiarising themselves with Dandy, learning about Scrum and how it will be applied for this project, and planning how to approach the first stages of development.

The Team

Felicia Program Co-ordinator/Product Owner Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Corey Scrum Master Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Nicholas Technical Lead Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Work Experience Candidates Development Team University of South Australia
Dandy the Robot

Welcome Dandy to the team!

Say hello to the newest member of the Dandelion Program team, Dandy the Robot!

Dandy in all of his glory!

Dandy will be playing a crucial role in an upcoming Work Experience Program, and afterwards will be going to a local school specialising in the education of children on the Autism spectrum. Stay tuned for more updates from Dandy!