Autistic? More Companies Say Add It to Your Resume

When Sam Briefer, 23, graduated from West Chester University of Pennsylvania last year, the job hunt began. At first it was slow going. He scored a few interviews, but was never called back.

Then in March, shortly after connecting with Specialisterne—a Danish company whose U.S. arm works to develop the talent of autistic people—professional services firm EY (formerly Ernst & Young) offered Briefer a full-time position on its accounting team.

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Autism App Wins Coveted National iAward

La Trobe University partnered with Salesforce to develop an early detection app to empower parents and caregivers to identify autism earlier and more accurately than ever before.

The free app – called ASDetect – won the Project of the Year iAward in the Research and Development Category. Since its launch in February 2016, ASDetect has had more than  10,000 downloads,  almost 6000 registrations and  4,000 assessments undertaken.

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Café Welcomes Adults with Autism who Felt like ‘Outcasts’

A New York café has been credited with turning around the lives of adults with autism by employing them, and thereby giving them a chance to feel “productive”, “happy” and “fulfilled”.

Long Island mother Stacey Wohl opened Cause Café earlier this year in a bid to provide her two non-verbal children Logan, 17, and Brittany, 19, with the opportunity to work in a traditional employment setting. Out of a total of 15 employees, Ms Wohl, 49, now employs eight on the autism spectrum.

“Just because they have a disability doesn’t mean they can’t do the same things we do,” she said.

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Harvard Business School Case Study

Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s ‘Dandelion Program’ draws on the special talents of people with autism – and now it has been selected for a Harvard Business School case study.

This case examines how diversity – in particular, neurodiversity – can be transformed into a competitive advantage; how people who were previously considered not suitable for employment can and have become key to an in-demand service offering. Thus, this important case provokes a discussion of the advantages of diversity, and also how some existing procedures might keep other organisations from realising these advantages too.

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Neurotribes author Steve Silberman headlines AMAZE Victorian Autism Conference VAC2016

Sharon Whip and Steve Silberman


The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity

A groundbreaking book that upends conventional thinking about autism and suggests a broader model for acceptance, understanding, and full participation in society for people who think differently.


Steve Silberman (author of Neurotribes) met Autism Consultant Sharon Whip at the AMAZE Victorian Autism Conference, and signed a copy of Neurotribes for the Dandelion Program.

Steve had not heard of the Dandelion Program, however when Sharon happened to run into Steve again on Saturday night (just walking down the street in Melbourne) he said that he had been talking about the Dandelion Program at the Melbourne Writers Festival; he spoke about Neurotribes at 4:00pm on Saturday, 03/09/16. Steve had obviously gone away and done his research and was able to speak very positively of the program.

It is wonderful that such a passionate autism advocate is promoting the Dandelion Program.