Autism App Wins Coveted National iAward

La Trobe University partnered with Salesforce to develop an early detection app to empower parents and caregivers to identify autism earlier and more accurately than ever before.

The free app – called ASDetect – won the Project of the Year iAward in the Research and Development Category. Since its launch in February 2016, ASDetect has had more than  10,000 downloads,  almost 6000 registrations and  4,000 assessments undertaken.

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Neurotribes author Steve Silberman headlines AMAZE Victorian Autism Conference VAC2016

Sharon Whip and Steve Silberman


The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity

A groundbreaking book that upends conventional thinking about autism and suggests a broader model for acceptance, understanding, and full participation in society for people who think differently.


Steve Silberman (author of Neurotribes) met Autism Consultant Sharon Whip at the AMAZE Victorian Autism Conference, and signed a copy of Neurotribes for the Dandelion Program.

Steve had not heard of the Dandelion Program, however when Sharon happened to run into Steve again on Saturday night (just walking down the street in Melbourne) he said that he had been talking about the Dandelion Program at the Melbourne Writers Festival; he spoke about Neurotribes at 4:00pm on Saturday, 03/09/16. Steve had obviously gone away and done his research and was able to speak very positively of the program.

It is wonderful that such a passionate autism advocate is promoting the Dandelion Program.

HPE Wins Excellence in Business Leadership Award for Dandelion Program at the AMAZE – Victorian Autism Conference



Who is AMAZE?

Amaze is the new name for Autism Victoria and is the peak body representing around 55,000 individuals with Autism and their families in Victoria, Australia.

Every two years, Amaze presents one of Australia’s leading conferences on autism, and the focus of this years’ conference was Inclusion.

The Amaze Community Awards were created to recognise the incredible work of individuals and organisations raising awareness and understanding of the autism spectrum.


Excellence in Business Leadership Award

The Excellence in Business Leadership award was open to employers who have worked to improve employment opportunities for people on the autism spectrum.  The award was also open to organisations that has shown great passion and commitment to improving employment circumstances for people on the autism spectrum or made a significant contribution to raising awareness and understanding of autism within the business community.


Why did HPE win the Excellence in Business Leadership Award?


HPE’s support model

The Dandelion program includes an innovative support model created by HPE and is an Australian first.

The support model ensures that the employees get the necessary support after being hired to ensure long term success. Employees on the Autism spectrum get their day-to-day technical support from staff members with IT expertise. These support staff are trained in a HPE developed Autism Awareness training to ensure they understand how to best utilise the strengths and skills possessed by an employee on the autism spectrum. Furthermore, each team has an autism specialist that can provide ongoing support in the workplace.   This group of trained, motivated and (most importantly) caring professionals are deeply committed to not only the success of the program, but also the personal growth of each member of the team.

The program provides a holistic approach to support providing not just support for autism and technical skills needed in the workplace, but also life skills that will help people better understand and adapt to the demands of the wider world for their lifetime.

With such a high degree of unemployment amongst people with autism, the value of the Dandelion Program is in creating an environment and business model that not only seeks to integrate people with autism into the work force, but actually seeks out and leverages their special abilities. This enables people with autism to regain their independence, build confidence and self-worth, and reduces their reliance on their family and dependency on government payments.

The Dandelion program is revolutionising employment diversity in Australia.
Amaze Group

AMAZE community award winners at the Victorian Autism Conference 2016!

Doug Baxter (Sportism), Hewlett Packard Enterprise – The Dandelion Program, Sovereign Hill Museum, Irabina Autism Services, Renee Bugg (About A Bugg), Wenn Lawson, Katie Koullas (Yellow Ladybugs) and Prue Stevenson.