Work Experience Program Software

Software Packages

Program Date Held Partner Institution Size September/December 2016 University of South Australia 84.9 MB

Individual Programs


Addition and Subtraction

Dandy can test a user on their addition and subtraction, with three different difficulty levels. Respond to the questions and prompts with voice.


Animal Flash Cards

Dandy will act out different animals with sounds. Figure out what it is, and select the flashcard showing that animal.


Guided Meditation

Dandy will hold a guided meditation session, playing calming music.



Allows Dandy to be freely controlled like a puppet without a pre-made script. Choose expressions, actions, or make him speak however you want.


Rock, Paper, Scissors

Play a best of three game of rock, paper, scissors with Dandy. Make your selection using one of the flashcards.


Roman Numerals – Learning

Show Dandy one of the Roman numeral flash cards and he will tell you what number it is. The number is repeated to reinforce it.


Roman Numerals – Testing

Dandy will ask for you to show one of the Roman numeral cards. Find that requested number and show it to him.


Story Time

Dandy will tell a story, accompanied by actions and sound effects.


Times Tables – Learning

Use a flashcard to select a set of times tables, and Dandy will recite them to you.


Times Tables – Testing

Select a set of times tables, and Dandy will quiz you on them.



Dandy will hold a yoga session. There are several different sessions to choose from, and each session contains a number of different poses.