The work experience program members answering questions from the children

Work Experience Program – School Visit

The Technical Lead and Development Team with a child from the local school

The local school that will be using the applications developed during the Dandelion work experience program were today given the opportunity to come on-site at Hewlett Packard Enterprise to meet Dandy and the Development Team!

The demonstration given by the work experience candidates was extremely well received, and we saw some amazing responses to Dandy.

The children asking about Dandy's capabilities
The children asking about Dandy’s capabilities
Everyone was blown away by the response Dandy received
Everyone was blown away by the response Dandy received
Work experience program members brainstorming improvements

Work Experience Program – Sprint Retrospective

One of the core concepts of agile project management is the ability to reflect on what you have done, to ensure that you are constantly refining and improving the way in which you work. As part of this, the Dandelion work experience program candidates had a Scrum event knows as a Sprint Retrospective.

This involves the team meeting and writing notes to prompt group discussion in three areas: what went well, what did not go so well, and improvements that can be made for the next sprint. Some excellent thoughts, ideas, and suggestions were brought up, and the development team had a great time planning improvements for the rest of the project!

Suggestions being stuck to the board by the development team
Suggestions being stuck to the board by the development team
The work experience program members hard at work

Work Experience Program – Project Work

Excellent teamwork between members

We have been seeing fantastic teamwork, thoughtful discussion, rigorous planning, and excellent demonstration of technical skills from the Dandelion work experience program candidates ! With the end of the week approaching, they are finalising the details on the items that they want to deliver for the first week!

Collaboration and group brainstorming

Work Experience Program – ‘Day in the Life’

The Dandelion work experience program students learning about a day in the life of an automation tester
The Dandelion work experience program candidates learning about a day in the life of an automation tester

Throughout the second week, the Dandelion work experience program candidates will be given the opportunity to hear from subject matter experts from within Hewlett Packard Enterprise. These ‘Day in the Life’ sessions will focus around what kinds of roles and responsibilities exist in an organization such as HPE, what their day to day job entails, as well as where they sit within the software development life-cycle and how they interact with the other parts.

The aim of these sessions is to give the candidates an idea of what kinds of roles there are within the information technology industry; something that is often overlooked during university study. Over the course of the week, the students will interact with Business Analysts, Architects, Developers, Testers, and other such roles. The candidates found these sessions to be extremely valuable experiences.

The work experience program members working on their project with Dandy looking on

Work Experience Program – Week 2

The Second Week

During the second week, the Dandelion work experience program candidates will begin development work on their project, as well as have the opportunity to attend ‘Day in the Life’ sessions with various subject matter experts from among Hewlett Packard Enterprise staff. At the end of the week, the candidates will hold a Sprint Review; a Scrum event where the key stakeholders come together to examine what has been achieved over the last week, and an opportunity to get feedback on how they are progressing.


The Development Team hard at work
The Development Team hard at work

Work Experience Program – Scrum

Scrum in action!
The Development Team having a discussion with the Scrum Master and Product Owner

Scrum Basics

Scrum is an agile software development framework that we will be using the organise work during the work experience program. To begin, the Product Owner produces a wishlist of features and activities that they would like to see from the project, referred to as the Product Backlog. Scrum breaks periods of work into ‘sprints‘; one week blocks of time during which work is done on a number of items from the Product Backlog selected by the Development Team, with this subset referred to as the Sprint Backlog.

In the context of the work experience program, this means that the Product Owner, in this case the local school staff being represented by a HPE staff member, produces a collection of activities and exercises that the school would like Dandy to be able to perform, and uses these to populate the Product Backlog. From there, the development team will ask questions of the Product Owner to clarify requirements and ensure each feature is developed to fit what they are expecting, and then begin to work on the individual tasks that they determine will be necessary to complete these backlog items. All of this is facilitated by the Scrum Master, who keeps these meetings and discussions on track and helps guide the team through this process, as well as ensuring that the team have a daily stand up meeting (Daily Scrum) where progress, intentions, and impediments are discussed. Finally, the Technical Lead, who provides technical support, assistance, and can be consulted for their experience working with Dandy and Python, is available to the Development Team throughout the project.

Scrum Master Corey, and the development team.

Work Experience Program – Day 1

Today marks the first day of the Dandelion work experience program!

The project work is going to be run under Scrum; an agile software development framework with a focus on agility, flexibility, and fast delivery of value.

This week the work experience candidates will be learning about the Dandelion Program and Hewlett Packard Enterprise, learning the Python programming language, familiarising themselves with Dandy, learning about Scrum and how it will be applied for this project, and planning how to approach the first stages of development.

The Team

Felicia Program Co-ordinator/Product Owner Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Corey Scrum Master Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Nicholas Technical Lead Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Work Experience Candidates Development Team University of South Australia

Work Experience Program – The Starting Point

What it is

The Dandelion Program work experience program is designed as a six week holistic structured course to enable learning of how software development projects happen in a large commercial organization such as HPE in an autism friendly environment. Five candidates will be taken in for the initial pilot program, with the first block running from the 12th to the 30th of September. This is a paid work experience program for university students who hold an autism diagnosis.



The program is made up of a balance of learning and practical project work. The learning component teaches the skills and techniques needed to work on two robotics projects. The culmination of the project will deliver real value to a local school that works with autistic children. They will provide a school representative to act as the product owner or stakeholder, to work with your team and guide the outcome to deliver that value.
In the practical projects you will use the Aldebaran NAO H25 robot (Dandy!) to develop applications that autistic children can use at the partner school. Building these projects will give the work experience candidates the chance to show us what they can achieve and how they approach problems and resolve them using the skills and abilities that they will develop.


Development and Delivery

The way the candidates learn and develop the practical projects will be led by HPE technical capability managers and practitioners, to provide them the techniques, processes, tools, and experience they will use to deliver the two projects. During the practical projects, each individual will work as part of a team consisting of five member, all of whom are on the Autism Spectrum, and together will develop two robot based applications during two separate three week project cycles. At the completion of both projects, the team will nominate one of the two projects to implement into a live environment.